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Brandon Seaber Motorsport Design was formed in 2013, as a culmination of my two passions, Motorsport & Design. With a background in graphic/web design, I come at Motorsport design from a different angle; creating design that combines meaning & personality with strong aesthetic.

Specialising in the complete package of livery, helmet and suit design, I'll improve your entire image. Helping you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, more important than ever in today's world.

The Complete Motorsport Design Package

Livery Design

Finishing in P1 isn't the only way to make an impression on a racetrack, a racecar provides a fantastic opportunity to create something special and memorable; perfect for inticing fans & showing off sponsors.

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Helmet Design

A helmet is not only incredibly important for the safety of a driver, it's also the only way a driver can truly express their personality visually, therefore it needs to be done right. Together we can find the best way of showing who they are through the design; whether it's through colours, patterns or overall style.

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Racesuit Design

A racesuit suit can be a fantastic opportunity for both the driver & their sponsors to promote themselves. A custom design can help them stand out from the crowd, whether it's by incorporating a companies branding or doing something truly unique.

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Autograph Card Design

Fans are a integral part of a driver's career and in the days of social media, can be the difference between getting that break. What better way to thank them for their support than custom Autograph Cards?

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